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Light Duty Shoring
  • Light Duty Shoring is commonly known as Scaffolding. Shoring is not scaffolding, and scaffolding is not shoring! The difference is in the use.
  • It is important to determine the primary use of the system so the applicable standards can be implemented.
  • The significant differences include:
    • The safety factor: For scaffolding the factor is 4, and for shoring it ranges from 2 to 4; 2.
    • Fall protection requirements for scaffolding are addressed in Subpart L of the Federal OSHA standards while fall protection requirements for shoring are addressed in Subpart M of the Federal OSHA standards; 3.
    • Manufacturers’ guidelines for the use of each type of equipment must be followed.
  • Some points to consider when determining whether a particular system is scaffolding or shoring include:
    • It is not the common name of the equipment that determines the use: a scaffold frame can be used as a shoring component and a shoring frame can be used as a scaffold component;
    • A shoring tower that is being used to temporarily support plank for erectors who are constructing a shoring system is a scaffold platform and must comply with the scaffold standards;
    • The safety factor does not determine if the deck is scaffolding or shoring