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Aluminum Beam Joists and Stringers




Aluminum Beam Joists and Stringers
  • The 6½” Aluminum Joists and 7 ½” Aluminum Stringers have been an industry standard for decades. Its strength and lightweight properties provide an optimal working combination.
  • Aluminum minimizes the number of total horizontal and vertical members required on the job, compared to wood or steel.
  • Since it is lightweight compared to steel, it is safer and easier to erect and handle increasing efficiency and reducing job related injuries.
  • The Joists and Stringers contains a 2″ x 2″ plastic nailer strip which is formulated to provide nail gripping properties comparable to wood, and will not become soft in hot weather, nor brittle, nor crack in extreme cold.
  • Plastic nailers are much more durable than wood and will withstand repeated use as plastic is apt to self-heal upon fastener removal.
  • They also have a T-Head Bolt slot in its base for fastening stringers, strongbacks or I-Beams with the easy-to-use self-locking A-Bolt.


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