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Adjustable Aluminum Horizontal Shores




Adjustable Aluminum Horizontal Shores
  • This HICO-style beam is designed as a self-spanning support.
  • Once set to length, it can be positioned along the top of a concrete wall, shelf angle or stringer.
  • The actual beam spacing is determined by the anticipated loads .
  • The Adjustable Aluminum Horizontal Shore consists of an aluminum box shape, with a telescoping I-beam that provides a wide range of adjustment.
    • A single Camber Nut sets both the beam length and camber. The End Tabs support the beam and loads during construction.
  • The clear span provides more safe and accessible work area and reduces obstructions associated with typical ground supported shoring systems.
  • Four sizes are available with adjustment from 5’-9” to 19’-0”.
    • 5’-9”to 10’-6”
    • 6’-0” to 10’-6”
    • 9’-0” to 15’-0”
    • 11’-0” to 19’-0”


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