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Shoring Systems - Rent & Sell

Projects on time and with good concrete finish.

Equipment deliveries on the agreed dates and quantities.

Rental of functional and in good condition gear.

Competitive rental rates.

We provide a comprehensive service that includes design, on-time supply of well maintain equipment, available for both sales and rental.


Hi-Load is a flexible system easily adapted to suit most height and load combinations and shoring applications. The frames have a standard width of 4’, at heights of 6’, 5’, and 4’. The crosspieces can vary the distance between frames with 12” increments from 4’ to 10’ except 9’.


Al-Speed System is a Light, strong, and durable aluminum 6’ shoring frames. The high load capacity (16 kip per leg) of the AL-SPEED frame, combined with being lightweight (50 lbs) and the requirement of minimal components, makes this a very efficient system.

minimal components, provides contractors with a shoring frame that is safe, efficient, and economical.

Post Shores

UNISPAN steel post shores are a safe, economical, and effective way to support vertical suspended loads with minimal labor. These posts are also used to provide an extremely effective means to re-shore cast concrete structures. We have posts with different ranges of heights.

Aluminum Beam Joists and Stringers

Lightweight and easy to use aluminum beams and stringers compatible with most shoring systems.

Adjustable Aluminum Horizontal Shores

HICO adjustable aluminum shores are supported from wall to wall eliminating typical ground supported shoring.

Light Duty

30% lighter than traditional shoring frames when lighter loading applications apply.

A comprehensive service that includes the design, on-time supply in lease and sale of functional equipment and in good condition, supervision and administrative control of valuations and stocks on site (ELPIS).

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