Unispan USA

Unispan Forming and Shoring

Dywidag Form Tie Systems​

  • 5/8”, 7/8”, 1” diameter
  • Hot-rolled, high strength steel with two flat sides
    in the thread pattern that allow gripping and turning of the bars with a crescent wrench
  • The flat sides facilitate self-cleaning with each stripping operation.
Taper Ties
  • 15mm and 20mm diameter taper ties are machined from a single high-strength steel bar and offered in different lengths—as well as customized sizes
  • Shebolt ends incorporates a connection to the DYWIDAG Threadbar™
  • DYWIDAG Swaged Shebolts can be made to any length
Nuts & Couplers
  • Wing Nuts, Hex Nuts, Flanged Wing Nuts, Combination Plates